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Эта страница Kush v Sporte посвящена прогнозам для чемпионата CS:GO. CEE Champions. Для удобства пользователей здесь собраны прогнозы от всех капперов на сайте.

ТОП Букмекеров, Где Можно Ставить На Киберспорт ()

Прогнозы на киберспорт: турниры по DOTA 2, starcraft, Counter Strike и многие другие игры виртуальной реальности собраны в нашем разделе для ставок на спорт. Киберспорт/ CS:GO. La Copa. Основной этап. Матч из 3-х карт. 1. KPI — EXploit Esports.

МАРАФОН букмекерская контора, онлайн ставки на спорт с самыми высокими коэффициентами.

ФОРА2 (). Киберспорт/ CS:GO. ESL Pro League. предоставляет авторитетные прогнозы по ставкам от экспертов и звезд киберспорта на ключевые киберспортивные соревнования по Dota 2 и CS:GO. Со стремительным развитием киберспорта ставки на матчи стали такими же важными, как и их трансляции.

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Дополнительный азарт подогревает интерес к игре, а взвешенная аналитика помогает с большей точностью угадать исход встречи. Именно поэтому предоставляет прогнозы по ставкам на ключевые киберспортивные соревнования по Dota 2 и CS:GO. На нашем сайте вы сможете найти: мнения экспертов; информацию о лучших коэффициентах на киберспорт; прогнозы профессиональных игроков и звезд киберспорта.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – игра, которая без преувеличений объединяет десятки миллионов игроков со всех уголков земного шара.

В этом нет ничего удивительного, ведь здесь у каждого есть одинаковый шанс завоевать мировое первенство. Все зависит от скорости реакции и тактического мышления. Тем не менее, ставки на КС ГО деньгами связаны с большим риском их потери. Если в футболе можно регулярно ставить на топовые клубы и получать пусть небольшую, но стабильную прибыль, то в мире киберспорта все.

Egamersworld поможет следить за актуальными коэффициентами на самые значимые события из мира киберспорта.

130 thoughts on “Cs go spots ставки

  1. Imagine he has a defuse kit and he does that and what are the chances he will nail the shot

  2. Wow actually did this and got a great response. The community is improving slightly. I recommended them to watch this vid.

  3. kann damit auch runden gewinnen oder ist das wieder nur theorie und in der praxis drücken mich die gegner mit hax um?

  4. I see so many people trying this and always failing because people know this trick and will defuse from as far away as possible 😀

    1. you can wallbang every defuse position from there, you just have to do it properly

  5. pro tip: if youre going in there as a team, get a negev with one of you. Makes wallbanging this 100x faster and easier

  6. Saw the bomb planted. Knew what he was doing and headshot wall banged him. Not that undefusble

    1. then he didnt do it right. You wait for defuse before going in the corner

  7. Why i always get teammates that doesnt even know a single smoke.. If only i had a option to carry multiple smokes 🙁

  8. Saw this one before however you explanation on his video was on point compared to the other one I saw a while back, great job! However, warning!! Expect to be called a wall hacker or what not by silvers, they’ll probably report you too just like they did with me however overwatch won’t ban you dw because most of them are quite good at their job. 😀

  9. Really want to risk a 5 second defuse with a wall bang that might not even hit since you dont know the CTs exact approach to defuse?

    1. 5 seconds is enough for nearly 2 full ak mags. Look on his channel, there are tons of working banger clips. Banger is also still regulary being used on his daily stream on twitch.

  10. Is it possible that this wallbang does not work anymore? I tried it 2 times and cts just defused the bomb no problem. I have been using this a year ago when it was posted and it worked, now i got back into cs and nada, care to explain?

    1. medium risk, high reward, you just have to do it right and dont panic

  11. it is a good plant place… but just today I vote of because everybody thinks I am obviously WH /(ㄒoㄒ)/~

  12. Lol I did this in my globle rank up game and people thought i was hacking

  13. Can you hear the diffusing sound or running sound from there? Thats a cool strat

    1. thats literaly 10 meters, you can hear them breathe from that distance lol

  14. very nice stuff,but its almost unreal 2 use in a game 5×5,may be on some clatches,may be..
    But wheres the garantie that u will be able 2 shoot enemy down through the wall?U can make a mistake,or killed from behind.
    For my theory speaks countless of pro games ive watched before,i never seen something like this being performed.
    So,conclusion-nice,but absolutely useless.

    1. Nevertheless, he, and many others still use it regulary on every elo with great success. And of fucking course you dont see this in a major final omfg

  15. some kid banned me from a public server and said i was wallhacking because of this

  16. yo dude i was a t and i sprayed and wall banged someone before

  17. Das Holz wurde verändert…wollte gestern nach langer Zeit im mm wieder banger spielen und habe dann ne runde verloren😖

  18. Well i did this and i used and auto. Cluched a 1 v 4 thet way. Got lucky with a smoke

  19. I did it in silver, everyone reported me, but I wasnt overwatch banned. PHEW!

    1. Daniel Jain There are Silvers in overwatch, I know a silver 2 player that got overwatch banned for cheating. (Not my friend, I hate cheaters)

    1. warum sollte er nichtmehr funktionieren? Der funktioniert auf allen elos

    1. ich wollt zurückflamen aber deine Videobewertungen machen dir bestimmt schon genug zu schaffen

  20. This trick is sooo overpowered trilluxe.. my rank is gn3 and our one of our ops was smurf and we won the every rnd using this trick!! Lol 😀

  21. hdf als ob das schon 2 jahre alt ist wtf
    zeit brettert mit 300 über die autobahn lol

  22. I tried this (it worked btw) and everyone was like DUDE HES DEFUSING WTF ARE YOU DOING and i was like chill dont worry about this I got it and then i did it and they were like wtf

  23. Hahah dein Englisch hört sich an wie bei den englischen Videos von Slingshot irgendwas xd

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